Monday, January 12, 2009

Resolving to Help

As the chaotic holidays came to a close, I have found myself keeping the time honoured tradition of trying to come up with a New Years resolution. Almost every year, I make grand plans to lose weight, try new things, spend less and exercise more. By January 30th, these resolutions have all been put on the shelf for another 330-odd days, as the couch and potato chips beckon.

I found myself wondering why my resolutions typically don't work, and why very few people keep their resolutions. I realized that I have never made a resolution that involved anyone but myself. My resolutions always focused on making myself better, rather than making a contribution to someone else.

Over Christmas, around 20 IDEAL volunteers spent a day giving their time and energy to 250 special persons at 3 events. Presents were given by 'Santa' and his elves to these very deserving individuals, who were given an opportunity to celebrate the holidays a little early. By the end of the events, I was told that the energy in the rooms was tangible. The events were considered a great success by all involved, and plans are already underway for next year's events.

My New Years resolution this year is a little different from last year's. It isn't about trying to improve myself, but about giving a little more of myself this year. I'm not planning to radically change my life, but the IDEAL events next year will definitely have one more set of hands to help. That's a resolution I can keep.
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