Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Medley of Posts

Recently, Chris Brogan, a social media guru, collected some of his recent blog entries and posted them as “A Digest of Some Recent Posts”. He "wondered if there’s value in a digest of posts like this from time to time, such that you can read a whole bunch at once. Are any of these worthy of the best-of page? Is there any value at all in putting out the occasional digest post like this?
What’s your take?"

Personally, I loved the idea! Instead of slogging through his archives, keeping my fingers crossed that I’d magically come across some really useful posts, Chris read my mind and did all the work for me (and you). It was another reminder of why I like his blog so much. Chris is consistently helpful, and like a good executive assistant, he tries to anticipate our needs.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to shamelessly pilfer his idea and provide a digest of some posts (not necessarily recent) that I hope are helpful.

Dare to Live a Life of Adventure - Information on activities, and opportunities for experiencing high-challenge sports, for people with disabilities.

Horse Therapy - In combination with other therapeutic treatments, such as music or art therapy, service dogs, occupational therapy, intense early intervention (Applied Behaviour Analysis), speech therapy, and physical therapy, just to name a few, horse therapy can sometimes achieve amazing results.

Art as Healer - Information on art therapy, and various organizations that encourage the intellectually disabled to explore their creativity through art.

Music is the Key - Information on music therapy, and various organizations that use music to unlock abilities within a person.

The Magic of DogsService dogs, and various organizations that provide them.

I Have a VoiceInformation on book clubs for intellectually disabled.

Dare to Dream - Artists, musicians, and actors, who have placed no limits on their creativity, gifts and passions, and also happen to have Down syndrome.

Choose Joy, by Jennifer Lee – Musings on choosing to remain in a state of joy, no matter what the circumstances are in your life. Rob Hajjar, who has Down syndrome, constantly exudes happiness and warmth. He doesn't waste time with negativity, but chooses, instead, to revel in life's gifts.

If you think there's value in providing a collection of recent posts, let me know. And if you come across posts from other bloggers that stand out in your mind, pass them along.
What do you think about an entry on the Top 10 Recent Posts of your favourite blogs?

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