Thursday, December 4, 2008

J-Mac's Story

Autistic Kid - Incredible Basketball Player - Click here for the most popular videos


Gordo said...

The J-Mac film clip is a splendid example of what can happen when unexpected potential meets opportunity. The key word is “opportunity” which generally dismissive mainstream low expectations, systemically, denies so many others with intellectual disability.

Jason McElway is a shining beacon of hope for his peers with intellectual disability. Much thanks to this great blog for bringing him to our attention.

Keith said...

Let me tell you, that film clip made me cry and I am 29 years old!! I know a few guys who have Autism, and believe me, I know how difficult it is for them. As I was watching the video, their faces kept coming up. I also know a few individuals who have Down syndrome. And, I know how much they want to belong.

Yes, Jason is a shining beacon of hope for people with intellectual disabilities everywhere. My challenge for everyone who reads this is to get their friends, family and co-workers involved, and find a way to make one of these exceptional people a hero and a superstar ... if only for a minute! Afterall, don't we all dream of being a superstar in some way.

Peace to you!

yvonne said...

I see a parallel between Jason McElway becoming a star of basketball and Robert Hajjar becoming the “star” Founder of

each young man seized a rare moment of opportunity, and made of themselves superstars among their peers with intellectual disability, and an inspiration to us all. bravo, gentlemen!

Chatty Crone said...

I love it! WOWOWOWOW.

Maureen Lee said...

Thanks, Gordo, Keith, Yvonne, & Chatty Crone, for your comments. This video has inspired to run out and buy Jason 'J-Mac' McElwain's book, 'The Game of My Life: A True Story of Challenge, Triumph, and Growing Up Autistic'! (I found it online @,

WOWOWOWOW is right, Chatty Crone!

Terri said...

J-Mac is from my town. It was an awesome event--raised lots of questions for me, but a great night.

Pierre said...

Glad to learn that Jason McElwain was discovered to be a star.

Makes one wonder, how many, as yet undiscovered, “stars” may be among J-Mac’s peers with Autism, Down syndrome, etc.?

JennLee said...

Terri, have you had the chance to see J-Mac?

There are so many individuals with intellectual disabilities that are teaching the world a lesson on how to overcome roadblocks.

Hopefully stories like these will help to change some preconceptions, and give hope to those with intellectual disabilties.

Don Yeo said...

How appropriately wonderful that Jenn Lee and Pau Abad have accepted “handing over the reins of Just Show Up” from Maureen Lee!

Each of these dedicated Ideal-Way volunteers meets the qualifying criteria: “exceptionally talented”. The synergy from their individually different backgrounds and perspectives will surely deserve continuing widespread interest in this great blog. I can hardly wait.

Thank you, kind ladies, for bringing an inspiring Christmas gift to Ideal-Way, its clients, and to loyal followers of “Just Show Up”. Carpe diem.

Don Yeo, CEO

~Zurama~ said...

Happy New Year!

JennLee said...


Thank you for your kind words! Taking over the blog is a wonderful chance to contribute to a topic that means a great deal to me. I think the importance of an online community dedicated to the intellectually disabled is sorely needed.

Thank you to everyone who had submitted comments thusfar, and I look forward to what 2009 will bring for IDEAL way.

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