Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Social Survey for Social Causes

Thank you, Qui Diaz, Beth Kanter and Geoff Livingston, "who are working on a special project, dubbed “Philanthropy 2.0″ to provide non-profits the information they need to best serve donors and advocates with meaningful conversations about their causes." Check out this blog post, "and take the survey. Give causes the information they need to best serve your desires for a smarter, better nonprofit industry that gets the social web. We’ll also give away ten copies of Now Is Gone by Geoff Livingston with Brian Solis to people who leave extra insights and feedback in the comments section. The most interesting comments will be selected."

A Social Survey for Social Causes


Maddy said...

Well I shall pop along and take a peek!

Maddy said...

I'll try and fix a link to this at the weekend if I ever manage to catch up. If I fail, send me a reminder.

Maureen Lee said...

Thanks, Maddy!

Geoff_Livingston said...

Thank you for highlighting this survey. Hopefully, we -- the nonprofit community -- will be able to accomplish great things, thanks to folks like you..

Don Yeo, CEO Ideal-Way said...

I love that our blog continually works to raise awareness of the world of persons with Down syndrome, Autism, et al, in new and interesting ways.

Informing its readers of current developments in the non-profit community, such as “Philanthropy 2.0″ and the related survey, can only broaden our knowledge in order to best help the powerless we serve.

“Knowledge is power.” ~ Sir Francis Bacon.

Gordo said...

Don, indeed "Knowledge IS power".

And, power to help the powerless comes, in part, from the "knowledge" that this informative blog, and unique organizations like ideal-way, continually deliver.

All the best and, more "power" to you people. You truly care.

~Zurama~ said...

Just dropping by to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!!! ;D

Gordo said...

Having Down syndrome and Autism in our family, we regularly check out the interesting posts on Just Show Up blog.

Also, is an amazing org that "gets it". Their unique methods to re-educate mainstream people, by publicly empowering persons with intellectual disability, make it the best in the industry, in our opinion. was even FOUNDED by a guy with Down syndrome!

Presumably, that is how unique thinking must have started.

They actually practice what others seem to just preach.

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