Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who Changed Your Life?

In August, Best Buddies held a contest - "What was your favorite 2010 Leadership Conference moment?". Buddies from all over the world voted for their favourite. Tori's entry received the #2 spot:

Robert Pio Hajjar Changed My life
by Tori Flather

"During the Saturday morning session, Robert spoke about how God helped him grow into the person he is today. I remember he said that he may never be a doctor, but he can be your best friend. He also said he has a disability, but it does not have him. That night I was able to meet him and his aunt at the dance contest. Singing Taylor Swift all night with him was pretty sweet! Robert is my inspiration for my chapter this year. It’s my first year being in Best Buddies but I will “keep the faith” as he would say and press forth to make Best Buddies known, accepted, and growing in my school and community!"

Who changed your life?

Robert and Best Buddies.

To see Robert in action, check out Christina Marsh's video:


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