Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"The Life That's Chosen Me"

Recently a friend on Facebook sent all her friends a beautiful video. As she eloquently wrote in her note:

"It is Autism Awareness Month and I bring you a treasure... from the heart and soul. It truly is a beautiful, must have and it is my absolute privilege to be connected to such a gorgeous piece of art. This is a gift. The entire album is just amazing! My very dear friend, Randy Grossman, has one of the biggest hearts I know. Please read what follows, listen to the title song, "The Life That's Chosen Me " or click here to purchase this beautiful CD NOW...

Harmonizing with Humanity recognizes that music is a powerful force for change in the world.

While listening to a friend talk about his children, who both have special needs, Grammy nominated songwriter and artist Karen Taylor-Good sat down, wrote, and put to music the inspirational lead song for the album, The Life That's Chosen Me.

This song, and album, is produced by Harmonizing with Humanity, an organization dedicated to unite like-minded and “positive music” artists and fans who love listening."

"This parent who was the inspiration for Karen Taylor-Good happened to be Randy Grossman, Vice-President of Harmonizing with Humanity.

“The Life That’s Chosen Me” is meant to uplift the spirits of all families and caregivers of children and adults with special needs. They are often the last to be thanked, the most overwhelmed, and the most underappreciated – we want to recognize their constant attention, heartache, and struggle in caring for their children."



Don from IDEAL said...

“The Life That’s Chosen Me” is a profound and provocative title for this beautiful song.

The common focus that parents cannot conceive the child of their choice is a fundamentally negative attitude towards God’s greatest gift… the miracle of a new life, emanating from the parents.

But, what if it's the other way around and they are the parents of the child's choice?

Changing the common negative focus on childbirth into such a fundamentally positive attitude would go a long way towards fostering full appreciation of every newborn, leading to the natural inclusion of exceptional children and adults.

Maureen Lee said...

Thank you for your eloquent comment, Don. "Full appreciation of every newborn" would indeed lead to inclusion of exceptional children and adults, and as the video points out, all of us need to support the parents of special needs children.

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